Police Liaison Services

Department of Emergency Services logoThe Purpose of the Division of Police Liaison Services is to assist the various law enforcement agencies in Orange County by establishing programs and logistical support.


Many of the common purposes of law enforcement can be better served by working together to seek the funding and resources needed to maintain effective police services. Some of the important issues the Division is charged with are:

  • Centralized law records information sharing for police agencies to provide for real-time access to critical information
  • The improvement of 911 police communications for effective response
  • Coordination of our Department of Emergency Services resources to assist local, state and federal law enforcement for effective response to counter terrorism
  • The division working with the County Traffic Safety Board, The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, Orange County Stop-DWI, communities and schools establishes an effective means of providing traffic safety education, prevention, and enforcement strategies for the common goal of reducing death and serious injury on our roadways.

The Division is committed to working with all county, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for the betterment of law enforcement.