Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP)

Crime Victim Assistance Program assists victims of crime with a variety of services and the filing of compensation claims with the New York State Office of Victims Services.

Since 1981, the Crime Victim Assistance Program has been an advocate of victim rights and has provided a voice for crime victims in the criminal justice process. The Crime Victim Assistance Program is dedicated to addressing the social, emotional and financial needs of crime victims and their immediate families. We will help victims to obtain supportive services such as counseling, court ordered restitution and financial compensation through the New York State Crime Victims Board.


Our Counselors recognize that survivors of crime have urgent needs, and have been specially trained to be of assistance. We will prepare Crime Victim Impact Statements on behalf of victims for the courts to consider at sentencing. Counselors also accompany victims to court when requested, explain the criminal justice proceedings, and prepare the victims as much as possible as to what to expect. Counselors talk with victims by phone or in person, as many times as needed, to provide information, support, referrals and, if eligible, help in applying for financial assistance through the New York State Crime Victims Board.

The program has counselors in Middletown, Newburgh, and Goshen who maintain office hours Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Messages left at anytime on our voice mail will be returned by a counselor.

Orders of Protection

We provide services to individuals who seek to file a Family Offense Petition (Order of Protection) through the Orange County Family Court. In conjunction with a petition for an Order of Protection, the counselors will also prepare petitions for related matters (i.e. custody, visitation, support, etc.).