Environmental Health

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Engineers, public health sanitarians and support staff carry out activities under the New York State Sanitary Code to prevent and control environmental threats to public health.

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Permits for Food Service Establishments

Issue permits to establishments serving food to the public in Orange County. These facilities are regularly inspected by Division staff.

Public Water Supply Regulation

Monitor public water supplies for conformance with New York State (NYS) Sanitary Code, including tests for water quality. Review proposed improvements.

Realty Subdivision Review

Review proposed subdivisions of 5 or more lots on under 5 acres, primarily for water supply and wastewater disposal.

Other Permits

Issue permits for public swimming pools/ bathing beaches, children’s/ farm labor camps, temporary residences (like motels), mobile home parks.

Rabies Control

Send specimens for rabies testing, coordinate with Nursing Division for treatment of individuals exposed to rabies. Monitor confinement of domestic animals exposed to rabies, or that have bitten a human.

Lead Poisoning Control

Test for lead in the homes of children identified as having lead poisoning. If lead is found, landlords/homeowners are required to remediate lead hazards.