Coliform Results

Coliform Results for Community Water Supplies (Samples Collected by OCHD)

Notes to Water Suppliers:

Please see the following results for the coliform samples collected from community water supplies by the Orange County Department of Health. These results may be used to determine compliance with Subpart 5-1, New York State Sanitary Code. These results should be recorded on the monthly operation report form that is submitted to this office. Do not print the list and send it to us.

The water systems are in alphabetical order - just look for your system on the list or you can search for your system by going to edit and find at the top of the page (by Fed ID Number is easiest).

If you do not see your results:

  1. Send in your operation report anyway - we have the results in our files and you should not wait for our results to send in your report
  2. Call our office at 845-291-2331

Result Documents