Exposure to Raw Sewage


People who are in contact with raw domestic sewage as a result of flooding and sewer/septic back-ups are at increased risk of contracting illnesses as a result of exposure to the viruses and bacteria in sewage.

Who to Contact When Exposed

If you have had a significant exposure to raw sewage, you should contact your primary care physician to evaluate your risk, and to consider possible treatment.

If you do not have a primary care physician, or you do not have health insurance, you should contact:

  • Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center in Newburgh at 563-8000
  • Hudson River Healthcare at 651-2298 in the Town of Goshen, or 778-2700 in Walden
  • Middletown Community Health Center at 343-8838 in Middletown, or 858-2857 in Port Jervis, or 744-2067 in Pine Bush