Orange County Searchable Supplier List

Disclosure of Interests

As per Local Law Number 9 of 2018 (Orange County Ethics and Disclosure Law), as of January 1, 2016 and Local Law No.1 of 2021 - the following disclosure of interest should be noted:

In accordance with General Municipal Law § 803, any County officer or employee who has, will have, or later acquires an interest in or whose spouse or a member of the household has, will have or later acquires an interest in any actual or proposed contract, purchase agreement, lease agreement or other agreement, including oral agreements, with the County shall publicly disclose the nature and extent of such interest in writing to and file with his or her immediate supervisor if they have a supervisor, and the Clerk of the County Legislature as soon as he or she has knowledge of such actual or prospective interest and in an annual ethics disclosure form if such form is required to be filed as described herein.

Supplier List

To assist those who are required to file the annual disclosure form, we have provided an Orange County Searchable Supplier List (PDF) to help you determine if a disclosure may be necessary. The list contains all vendors and contractors that do business with Orange County. You can use CTRL and F keys to search while in the PDF document (PDF).