Fire Advisory Board


  • Richard Graham, Chair
  • John Connor, Vice-Chair
  • Sean Gerow, Secretary
    City of Middletown
  • Michael R. Jergensen
    City of Port Jervis
  • John Nokland
    City of Newburgh

Battalion Representatives

  • Battalion 1
    Tom Amodio (Middletown)
    John Horan (Circleville)
  • Battalion 2
    Rick Cagney (Walden)
    Robert Morganthaler (Pine Bush)
  • Battalion 3
    John Connor (Goodwill)
  • Battalion 4
    Jerry Galu (Highland Falls)
    Robby Vought (Cornwall-on-Hudson)
  • Battalion 5
    E Tom Johnson (Salisbury Mills)
    Thomas Sullivan (Monroe)

  • Battalion 6
    Richard Graham (Florida)
    Wayne Russo (Greenwood Lake)
  • Battalion 7
    Jason Cross (Johnson)
    Eugene Schmick (Unionville)
  • Battalion 8
    Ed Sewall (Huguenot)
    Carl L. Van Horn (Sparrowbush)
  • Battalion 9
    Terry McBride (Campbell Hall)
    Mark Thomas (Chester)

About the Fire Advisory Board

The Orange County Fire Advisory Board was established on May 11, 1951 by resolution of the Orange County Board of Supervisors pursuant to Section 225a of County Law. The original resolution established the board to consist of seven members and created the Office of the Orange County Fire Coordinator. Since then, there have been several amendments to the original resolution and the current board consists of 21 members - two members from each of the nine battalions and one from each of the three cities in the county. Members are recommended by the Fire Chiefs in each battalion and are forwarded to the County Executive through the Fire Advisory Board for confirmation by the Legislature to serve a two year term.


It is the duty of the Fire Advisory Board to cooperate with the Office of Fire Prevention and Control in the Department of State in relation to such programs for fire training, fire service related activities and mutual aid; to act as an advisory body to the County Legislature and to the Deputy Commissioner of Fire Services, in connection with the county’s participation in such programs for fire training, fire service related activities and mutual aid and in connection with the county establishment and maintenance of the County Fire Training Center and in mutual aid programs in cases of fire and other emergencies in which the services of firemen would be used; to perform other duties as the Legislature may prescribe. The members of the Fire Advisory board serve without compensation.