Sanitary Engineering

Public Water Supply Systems

Of the more than 600 public water supply systems, the bureau directly monitors over 250 of the largest systems that include all of the municipalities water supply systems. The Bureau of Sanitary Control over sees the other 350 systems as part of other programs such as food service and temporary residence programs. In addition, the bureau conducts detailed reviews of plans for new and modified public water supply systems covered by both bureaus

Realty Subdivisions

The bureau conducts detailed reviews of sewage disposal and water supplies at realty subdivisions given preliminary approval by the county’s municipalities.

Private Water & Sewage

The bureau conducts detailed plan reviews of sewage disposal systems at regulated facilities such as food service and temporary residence operations as well as smaller subdivisions submitted to the department by the various localities. Bureau personnel also conduct reviews of plans for water treatment systems at smaller non-public water supply systems

Swimming Pools

The bureau conducts plan reviews of all newly constructed public swimming pools within the county for compliance with design standards required by the New York State Sanitary Code and good engineering practice.