Veterans Service Agency

It is the duty of the Orange County Veterans Service Agency to inform and assist
veterans and their families, and members of the military, in matters pertaining to the numerous VA benefits, rights, and privileges available to them. The Agency also provides outreach services at locations in Castle Point VA Medical Center. Contact our main office in Goshen, New York for additional information and assistance.



Main office FAQs: 

Q: Can I still file a VA CLAIM or check the CLAIM status? 

A: Yes.  Claims with the Veterans Administration will be handled remotely by phone/fax/email. There will be drop-off and pick-up boxes situated at the front of the building for any paperwork. The boxes will be checked routinely. The office will be taking calls and appointments will take place by phone, as necessary. 

Q: Is the Orange County Veterans Service Agency office open to the public?

A: No.  The OCVSA office has been indefinitely closed to visitors.  Anyone with questions pertaining to veterans’ benefits, transportation, funerals, food delivery, or any other veterans related issues is asked to call 845-291-2470 for more information.

Q: Will the VETERANS’ SHUTTLE still run?

A: Our shuttle will still run. We are only giving rides to veterans going to Castle Point and Bronx VA Hospitals for essential appointments (chemotherapy, dialysis, infusions) with a maximum of three (3) riders a day. This is to minimize the amount of people near one another in an enclosed space.   Please call 845 291-2470 to reserve transportation for ESSENTIAL MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS ONLY!

Q: Will the VETERANS’ FOOD PANTRY still deliver bags of food?

A: Yes, our food deliveries will continue with safety precautions. Our delivery drivers will be dropping off the bags of food to the homes and making as little social contact with the recipients as possible. 


Q: Can I still bury my loved one at the Veterans Cemetery?

A: Yes, your eligible loved one may still be interred at OCVC although there have been severe restrictions placed upon attendance. 

Q: Will my family be able to attend the funeral service at the time of the interment? 

A: No. During this state of emergency, OCVC is conducting direct interment only. This means that only your funeral director will transport your loved on to the cemetery where they will be met by cemetery staff. 

Q: Will I be presented with a folded flag by the military?

A: Not at this time. Even though military honor guard was not present at the interment, your loved one is still eligible for military honors in the future. At that time the flag will be presented. 

Q: How do I arrange military honors for a later date?

A: Our office will keep records of all Veteran interments that were absent an Honor Guard. After the restriction has been lifted you may contact our office and arrange a memorial service.

Q: Will I still be able to visit my loved one’s grave?

A: Yes. As of 3/17/2020, the cemetery grounds remain open from dawn until dusk every day. You may visit your loved one at any time following the interment as long as you keep to the state mandated gathering limitations.

Q: Can I still order my loved one’s Veterans Grave Marker?

A: Yes. Government issued markers can still be ordered. HOWEVER, all communication is done remotely. Please call the office at 845-291-2470 to discuss options. 

Q: Will the cemetery still be cared for? 

A: Yes. When you visit the cemetery, you will see that the cemetery staff is still hard at work keeping our grounds beautiful. The staff will be maintaining "safe social distance" from any visitors. 

Q: Can I use the restroom during my visit?

A: No. The office, including restrooms, are closed to all non-employees. 

Q: Can I drop off my flag for retirement? I can’t find the flag drop box. 

A: Our flag drop box is temporarily being utilized as a document drop box. Please do not place flags in the box at this time. Flag Retirements will resume after restrictions have been lifted.