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** Orange County Chemical Dependency Providers**

Have You Asked the Question? – does he or she have a problem with drinking?  Pills/opiates?  Other substances?

  • Are you looking for help for a loved one?
  • Do you need to know where to start or whom to ask?
  • Are you scared, embarrassed, or ashamed?
  • Are they not the same person when they are using?
  • Does their using affect their ability to show up and/or perform at work? At school?
  • Does it affect them or their family financially?
  • Is it making them physically ill?
  • Has it negatively impacted any of their personal relationships?

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Start by calling our Family Navigator (FN) at The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) of Orange County at 845-294-9000 or the Orange County Department of Mental Health (OCDMH) at 845-291-2600: The FN is available to help those seeking treatment and/or families who don’t know where to start, what questions to ask, or how to help their loved one 

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Substance Abuse Resources

Information & Referral: 

Referral Services

Orange County‘ Plan

24/7 Hotlines:   


  • NYS OASAS Licensed Prevention Providers
    • The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council of Orange County
      (ADAC)- (845) 294-9000
    • Catholic Charities of Orange and Sullivan County
      (845) 294-7365
    • Warwick Community Center
      (845) 986-6422


Overview of Substance Abuse Treatment

The Suspect an Overdose Campaign

Resources to Access Treatment

Resources to Access Treatment


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