Child Care

Child Care Subsidy Program

Child Care (Day Care) is a critical element for families who are trying to gain and/or maintain employment and self-sufficiency. Parents who would like to know if they qualify for child care assistance can call the child care application line at (845) 615-5452 for a screening, answers to questions re: the child care application process/ program, and to have an application for child care mailed to them.

The following documents are needed to determine eligibility for the child care subsidy program:

ID for parent/guardian, Birth Certificates for children, proof of residence, proof of any income received,

Last 12 weeks wage stubs , letter from employer verifying work schedule days and hours worked, provider information, disclaimer notice, consent form, and booklet receipt.

Currently the income level to be eligible for the child care program is up to 200% of the State Income Standard. See below for income standards for June 1, 2021 and May 31, 2022:

Family Size                   Income Standards 200% S.I.S.

      1                                        $25,760
      2                                        $34,840
      3                                        $43,920
      4                                        $53,000
      5                                        $62,080
      6                                        $71,160
      7                                        $80,240
      8                                        $89,320

·       For families with more than eight persons add $4,540 for each additional person

The County’s Department of Social Services put together a fact sheet with important information:
·       If you are in need of child care subsidy, otherwise eligible, and work non- traditional hours you are eligible to receive child care for up to 8 hours sleep time.
·       Otherwise eligible for child care is defined as income eligible and a child care application has been submitted along with the required documentation. 
·       Orange county will include child care for homeless individuals and/or victims of domestic violence who are employed or attending an approved college, school, or vocational program.

Temporary Assistance Cases

People who are in receipt of temporary assistance are eligible for child care assistance while employed or in an approved training program/school under the Temporary assistance guarantee.

Transitional Child care assistance 

Transitional child care assistance is available for up to 12 months for eligible persons who are no longer eligible for temporary assistance due to achieving economic independence through employment/increased income and have been in receipt of temporary assistance for three of the last 6 months prior to their temporary assistance case closing. For additional information please contact the child care unit at (845) 615-5452.

Below is a link to Office of children and family services for additional information about the child care subsidy program, find child care, and locate online applications: 

For assistance locating a child care provider you can call the child care council at (845) 294-4012