Positive Youth Development

The PYD training builds upon the New York State Advancing Youth Development (AYD) project, which provided professional development for youth workers from 1998 through 2011. The Orange County Youth Bureau partners with Cornell Cooperative Extension on a bi-annual basis to provide local trainings for youth workers. .

Youth Development Philosophy

A growing youth development movement representing a powerful shift away from a focus on youth as problems and deficits, toward a view of young people as resources with strengths and contributions to make. Youth-serving programs provide essential supports and opportunities for youth in their communities. Youth workers need supports and opportunities also, to learn from the best thinking in the youth development field, to share promising approaches, to discuss the values and principles which guide the youth development approach and the barriers which challenge it’s application. This Advancing Youth Development training will allow youth workers to obtain skills to match the critical challenges of youth development.

Positive Youth Development 101 (PYD) was developed by Jutta Dotterweich of ACT for Youth, in collaboration with the NYS 4-H State Office, the NYS 4-H Educator Association, the Risk and Thriving in Adolescence Program Work Team, and several youth development consultants and former trainers of the NYS AYD partnership.

Benefits of PYD Training

If you work directly with youth, you should attend this training in order to:

  • Refine or obtain skills that match the critical challenges of youth development.
  • Have the ability to offer programs that result in satisfied youth and parents whose confidence rests in your professional ability.
  • Strategize and network with fellow youth workers and obtain a stronger career focus.

Additional Information

For more information about PYD Trainings, please call Cornell Cooperative Extension at 845-344-1234.