Safe School Ambassadors

Safe School Ambassadors is a best practice program developed by Community Matters. Youth and Advisors receive 2 days of training at their school to gain the necessary skills to become Ambassadors. Students are able to intervene in a safe and appropriate way when potentially hurtful situations develop. This is not peer mediation. The program empowers youth to observe, communicate, negotiate, and refer incidents of cruelty and bullying acts. Peers can intervene to prevent and stop acts of violence.

Participating Schools

Orange County several schools implementing this program:

  • Chester Academy
  • Cornwall High School
  • Minisink Middle School and High School
  • Tuxedo Middle School and High School
  • Warwick High School
  • Washingtonville High School


The successes of this program are overwhelming! One local school reported having over 100 interventions for types of violence including exclusion, put-downs, bullying, physical violence, and campus violence. At another local school, ambassadors reported feeling very safe at their school as a result of this program and they also reported that the amount of bullying and fighting is much better than before the program was implemented. One of the Family Group Facilitators said, “the biggest change at the school since implementing Safe School Ambassadors is the feeling of tolerance when it comes to the differences among students.”

Additional Information

For information about bringing this great initiative into other schools in Orange County, and the possibility of assistance with start-up funds, please contact the Youth Bureau. For more general information, visit the Community Matters website