Maternal & Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICHC)


The Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICHC) is a grant funded program aimed at improving the health and well-being of high need women throughout their reproductive life years and improving birth outcomes. The goal is to reduce gaps that exist in healthcare and in obtaining needed services. Women will be taught the importance of healthy behaviors and the need to eliminate risky behaviors prior to becoming pregnant, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. We will also talk with women about “Family Planning” options and assist them to develop a “Life Plan” to identify needs and goals. This will be accomplished through outreach, education and home visitation as needed. Families will be referred to appropriate community resources. For more information call 845-360-6680.

40 Weeks

Babies Need 40 Weeks of Pregnancy. The "Don't Rush Me" campaign cautions pregnant women against birthing before baby is ready. View the Healthy Mom and Baby website regarding 40 Reasons To Go the Full 40 Weeks.

Show Your Love

Show Your Love is the CDC’s national campaign designed to improve the health of women, men and babies by promoting preconception health and healthcare. View the following links for the Show Your Love Preconception Health: