Home Care Services

Long Term Care Point of Entry System

Orange County Office for the Aging, Orange County Department of  Health and the Orange County Department of Social Services have worked in collaboration with each other and with community based providers to implement Orange County NY Connects; the county's Long Term Care Point of Entry System.

Staff from the Orange County Office For the Aging and  Department of  Social Services comprise the Point Of Entry, providing information and referral services to Orange County Residents who may need assistance with long term care needs, regardless of their age or payment source.

Information may also be obtained by contacting Orange County NY Connects Point of Entry Staff at 845-615-3710 during the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Home Care Unit

The Home Care Unit receives referrals from Orange County NY Connects. This unit determines consumers’ appropriateness for the following Medicaid funded Long Term Care Programs.

  1. Personal Care Aide Program
  2. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
  3. Managed Long Term Care Program
  4. Assisted Living Program

The Personal Care Aide Program (PCA), provides Seniors and other Medicaid - eligible individuals with assistance with activities of daily living that are essential to maintaining health and safety. Services are provided through a licensed agency or county Consumer - Directed Personal Assistance Program Agency. The program also includes the Personal Emergency Response System.