Transportation Council (OCTC)

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The Transportation Council is the “Metropolitan Planning Organization” or MPO for Orange County. A Metropolitan Planning Organization is an agency created by federal law (Federal Aid Highway Act of 1962) to provide local elected officials input into the planning and implementation of federal transportation funds to metropolitan areas with a population of 50,000 or more. MPOs develop solutions to regional transportation problems and address other important issues such as land use, air quality, energy, economic development, commerce, and quality of life. As a condition for receiving Federal transportation funding, the designated MPO must carry out certain transportation planning functions and must develop a transportation capital improvement program. The three main products of this work are the Unified Planning Work Program (annual), Long Range Transportation Plan (every four years) and the Transportation Improvement Program (every two years).

The Transportation Council is comprised of permanent voting members, voting members for Town and Village Representation and permanent non-voting members. The Council Chair is County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus and the Council Secretary is NYSDOT Acting Regional Director Lance MacMillan. Staffing the OCTC is the Orange County Planning Department.

OCTC Voting Members List [PDF]

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