Operation Safe Child

Sheriff Paul Arteta is proud to announce that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is offering the Safe Child ID program to all parents in Orange County. This program has been designed by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services and is being made available to local residents.

How the Program Works

This is how the program works: Our Deputies will take a picture of your child along with their fingerprints. This is done after a written parental consent form has been obtained. An identification card will be made.

The ID card will have pertinent information about the child. This information includes the child’s name, date of birth. eye and hair color along with the child’s height and weight. The identification is printed and given to parents for safekeeping.

Registration & More Information

The program is offered on an individual basis or in groups. Appointments for Safe Child registration are recommended. If you are interested in the program please contact our office at 845-615-3904.

Parental consent is available in both Spanish and English below.

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