Responsibilities of the Investigations Unit

This unit is comprised of 27 Deputies and Sergeants with the rank of Investigator who provide investigative services. These Deputies are responsible for the following services:

  • Criminal Investigation - Deputies are the primary investigators for events that occur on County properties. In addition, Investigators handle a variety of criminal matters.
  • Child Support Task Force - The Orange County Child Support Task Force has been designated primarily for the execution of warrants related to child support matters and the pursuit of criminal charges when necessary. The Task Force is comprised of Orange County Sheriff’s Investigators and Special Agents from the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The Task Force receives assistance from the Orange County Department of Social Services, Orange County Support Collection Unit, Orange County District Attorney’s Office, Orange County Family Court, and the United States Attorney’s Office.
  • Child Abuse Task Force - The Sheriff’s Office has an Investigator assigned to division since 2009. This unit is classified as a Multi-Disciplinary Team (M.D.T.) that includes personnel from multiple law enforcement agencies, Child Protective Services and the Orange County Department of Health. The mission is to minimize impact on victims of child abuse and their families by investigating cases of alleged sexual and physical abuse against children, apprehending perpetrators and assisting the District Attorney’s Office with prosecution.
  • Warrants - The Investigations Division is responsible for arrest warrants, bench warrants, violation of probation warrants, indictment warrants, family court warrants, civil warrants, orders of commitment, and juvenile warrants prepared by the local and county courts in Orange County.
  • Narcotics - The Narcotics Unit partners with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office conducting street to mid level undercover and electronic investigations.
  • Pistol Permits - Deputies are responsible for execution of court orders related to suspension and revocation of pistol permit, firearms seizure and firearms estate seizures.
  • Federal Partnerships - Deputies are assigned to these inter-agency partnership efforts:
    • FBI Safe Streets Task Force
    • FBI White Collar Crime
    • U.S. Marshals