Newburgh Area Transportation & Land Use Study

The Newburgh Area Transportation and Land Use Study was undertaken between 2008-11 by the Orange County Planning Department on behalf of the Orange County Transportation Council (OCTC). The final study report and the other documents prepared during the study are posted or linked below. The study area included the City of Newburgh and the four nearby towns of Newburgh, New Windsor, Montgomery and Cornwall and the villages of Walden, Montgomery, Maybrook and Cornwall-on-Hudson. The multi-modal transportation study, integrated with local and regional land use planning policies, was intended to identify strategies for enhancing mobility while preserving quality of life and the environment. The primary elements of the study were:

  • Land use build-out analyses looking at future growth combined with a regional travel demand model to assess future traffic. This work informed the creation of illustrative smart growth examples for the study area.
  • Corridor studies looking at land use and roadway conditions and identifying where strategic investments could be made to improve traffic flow. Two reports were prepared in addition to what is in the overall study report (Broadway Streetscape, City of Newburgh; Hudson Street / Route 218 corridor, Cornwall-on-Hudson).
  • A transit study for the Newburgh area local bus services. The “Transit Orange” staff at the County Planning Department is working with bus operator Newburgh-Beacon Bus Company and the City of Newburgh to implement expanded service in 2013 with new hybrid diesel-electric buses currently on order.
  • A bicycle / pedestrian study that sought new opportunities for improving connections for non-motorized trips; that document also provides direction for future completion of a countywide non-motorized transportation plan.

Please note that the special website created for use during the study process is no longer in service. That web address or URL ( appears in various documents created while the study was underway and will not work. All study documents are now posted here in this OCTC website.