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Firefighter Survival

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Firefighter Survival

Based on Chief John Salka’s “Get Out Alive” program, this program is designed for self-rescue and rescue of trapped firefighters. Course content will enable firefighters to recognize the types of events encountered on the fire ground that contribute to firefighter disorientation and/or entrapment; to have knowledge of what is necessary to ensure their safety and that of their partners or crew members; and to perform self-rescue techniques when disoriented, separated, or needing to exit a structure in an emergency. This course requires students to perform a number of practical evolutions with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This course includes the National Fire Academy Calling the Mayday.

Designed For:

All fire service personnel

Course Length:

12 hours


Firefighter 1 or equivalent & SCBA medical  clearance

Students must be physically capable of wearing SCBA and possess current medical clearance for SCBA use. For their own safety, students not possessing these prerequisite(s) will not be allowed to participate.

Materials needed:

Full PPE, SCBA & spare bottle, paper & pen. It is strongly recommended that students bring water or fluid replacement type drinks to this class.

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