What is a gift or “financial benefit”?

The County Ethics Law defines a gift as any gift having a value of $75 or more in any 12-month consecutive period from the same individual or entity. A “gift” of “financial benefit” includes, but is not limited to; any money, service, loan, travel, lodging, meals, refreshments, entertainment, discount, forbearance, or promise, having a monetary value. 

A “gift” and “financial benefit” does not include campaign contributions authorized by law.

Excluded Items:

Items or services excluded by Section 6.F.(2) of the County Ethics Law include, but are not limited to: 

  • Gifts from family members, members of the same household or friends;
  • Complimentary attendance, including food and beverages at a charitable or political event;
  • County approved reimbursement for travel, meals and accommodations for food or beverages valued at twenty dollars or less;
  • Payment for attendance by any for-profit or non-profit association or organization whereby the County officer or employee receives professional training or assistance directly related to their position or duties;
  • Awards and plaques;
  • Honorary degrees; and
  • Goods, services or discounts offered to the general public. 

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