What are the types of Foreign-Trade Zones?

General Purpose Zones are multi user sites that can store any type of merchandise allowed to be imported into the U.S. They are most often warehouses, industrial parks with multiple tenants or acreage associated with either an ocean or air port. Multiple general purpose zone sites may exist within a foreign-trade zone project. In Orange County, there are seven different general purpose zone sites including acreage associated with the Stewart Airport and Port Newburgh as well as other sites located around Orange, Dutchess and Rockland Counties.

Companies who are not manufacturing imported materials into a different article of commerce and who are willing to locate their operations in any of these sites can gain relatively quick access to Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) benefits by gaining the approval of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection through the activation process.

A subzone is a single user foreign-trade zone site which is authorized for the sole use of a specific company. Merchandise that can be processed through the subzone is limited in scope and is specifically approved by the Foreign-Trade Zone Board. Generally, a subzone designation is sought by a private company who cannot relocate their operations into an area designated as a general purpose zone site. The Orange County FTZ has two sites designated as subzones. However, neither is currently active.

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