What are the terms of sale?

All property is sold "as is, where is." No guarantees or warrantees are made, expressed or implied for anything sold at any sale, with respect to condition, value, use, operation, safety, marketability, resale, sufficiency or accuracy of description, authenticity, or anything other matter not consistent with the obligations or duties of the Sheriff. Cash is always required for a down payment. For the purchase of Personal Property (Car, Boat, Etc…) a minimum of 10% is due and payable at the conclusion of bidding only cash will be accepted for the full payment. For the purchase of Real Property (Land, House, Etc…) a minimum of 10% cash is due and payable at the conclusion of bidding. If the bid is unusually high, the balance might be paid with a bank cashier's check, certified funds, attorney check, or money order. Any other potential exceptions must be cleared prior to the sale. If a down payment is made, the remaining balance is due by 4 p.m. the following day. If not paid in full the buyer is subject to forfeiture of down payment.  Alternate arrangements must be pre-approved. The bidder cannot take possession of the property until he receives a written release from the Sheriff’s Office and the release will not be issued until the bid price is fully paid.

Nothing is added to the bid price except for sales tax at the prevailing rate. Those exempt from sales tax must provide, before a release or certificate of sale is issued by the Sheriff, a properly completed tax exemption form ST-120 or other form as required by any law. The expenses of the levy and sale will be deducted from the sale proceeds, if any. Where storage has accrued, it will be paid up to and including the day of sale. Thereafter, the purchaser is responsible for any charges. The purchaser is also responsible for making arrangements for the removal, transportation, security, safety, etc. of the purchased property.

When real property is sold, the purchaser must pay to the Sheriff a $20 deed fee at the time the deed and associated documents are delivered. Any other terms or requirements as may be expressed or implied by any rule or law are operational as long as such is not inconsistent with the Sheriff's duties and responsibilities as stated here or by law, at the time of sale, or other time. The preceding policies and procedures are subject to modification based upon innumerable variations and factors related to the property and court directions.

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