Do I have to disclose an arrest or a charge that has been sealed?

Yes.  As stated on the Arrest / Charge Affidavit,
you must provide information about any and all arrests / charges including;
tickets for Vehicle and Traffic Law arrests above the level of infraction.
  This would include Vehicle and Traffic Law
misdemeanors or felonies which include Driving with a Suspended License
(Aggravated Unlicensed Operation), Driving with a Suspended Registration, and
Reckless Driving, among others; any Youthful Offender arrest; any arrest sealed
in your favor, any arrest dismissed upon your first appearance; any arrest
dismissed via ACD, and any arrest voided by the arresting agency or District
Attorney’s Office, even if your lawyer at the time of the case advised you that
you did not have to tell anyone about your arrest.

            You may have been arrested even if
you were never photographed or fingerprinted. 
You may have received a UTT (Traffic Ticket), a paper summons, or an
Appearance Ticket and were                 not taken into custody.

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