Who must file an Annual Statement of Financial Disclosure Form?
  1. County officers, employees and contractors. 
    Disclosure Forms shall be filed by all elected County officials; department heads, their deputies and those County employees, as determined by the County Executive upon recommendation of the department head, who have the authority for policy-making and/or appropriating decisions, employees of contractors who have the authority for policy making decisions; including but not limited to the list of titles and contractors appended to the County Ethics Law which may be amended from time to time. 
    If the individual has been in the position for a minimum of one day during the previous calendar year, even if they no longer hold that position, they shall still be required to file an Annual disclosure statement.
  2. County political party officials, if such person received compensation or reimbursement of expenses from a constituted committee or political committee funds during the reporting period aggregating a combined total of $30,000 or more.
  3. Any person who shall become a candidate for the office of any elected official of Orange County.

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