What is a Passport Card?

The Passport Card is a United States Passport issued in card format. Like the traditional Passport Book, it reflects the bearer’s origin, identity and nationality and is subject to existing passport laws and regulations. Unlike the Passport Book, the card is valid only for international travel by land or sea between the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. It is not globally acceptable and is not valid for travel by air to or from any foreign destination. For further questions, contact us at 845-291-2698 or email us at ccinfo@orangecountygov.com

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1. What form do I use?
2. What must I provide with my application?
3. How much does it cost and how do I make out my checks?
4. What if I need it sooner than seven weeks?
5. What if I want to check the status of my application?
6. Where can I get my pictures taken?
7. Will the documents (old Passport, naturalization or birth certificate) I submitted with my application be returned to me?
8. When will my passport expire?
9. Where can I get a money order?
10. How do I get my birth certificate?
11. How can I renew my passport?
12. Who should I call if I need more information?
13. What is a Passport Card?