Do the grand jurors know about all of these powers?

Yes. At the beginning of their term, grand jurors are given a handbook detailing their powers and duties. The grand jurors are also shown an orientation video, “Protect and Uphold,” which outlines those powers and duties. Finally, the presiding judge and the district attorney also repeat all of the grand jury’s powers and duties orally.

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1. What is a grand jury?
2. Why does New York need grand juries?
3. Who presents evidence to the grand jury?
4. Who decides what evidence to present to the grand jury?
5. What types of evidence are received by the grand jury?
6. What is grand jury witness immunity?
7. How does the grand jury know what law to apply to a case before it?
8. How can we be sure the prosecutor acts properly before the grand jury?
9. What happens after all the evidence has been presented?
10. Do the grand jurors know about all of these powers?
11. Why is the grand jury proceeding secret?
12. Is the grand jury symbolic in New York? (It’s been said that a prosecutor can “indict a ham sandwich.”)