Form Center

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  1. Criminal History Request Form

    Use this form to request a Criminal History from the Investigators

  2. District Attorney ID Card Request for Law Enforcement

    Use this form to request a new or replacement ID Card for Law Enforcement Members

  3. Law Enforcement Portal Access Request

    Use this form to request access to the District Attorney's Law Enforcement Portal

  1. District Attorney ID Card Request - Civilian Staff

    Use this form to request a new or replacement ID Card

  2. DMV Abstract Request Form for VTL 511

    Use this form to submit a request to the Investigators

  3. Orange County DA CrimeStoppers Tip Submission

    Use this form to submit Crime Tips to the District Attorney's Office Investigators

Emergency Services

  1. Ask a Question

    For Non-Emergency Related Questions Only


  1. FTC Training Registration
  2. OCFTC Facilities Request Form

    Form to request use of the Fire Training Center's facilities.

  1. OC HazMat Team Membership Application Request

    Form to request a membership application packet for the OC HazMat Team.


  1. Reservation Request Form

    Form for facility reservations


  1. Anonymous Tips (Probation)

    Please use this form to submit information regarding what you believe to be any illegal activity and/or violation of a Probationer's... More…

Sheriff's Office

  1. Child Seat Inspection
  2. Firearms Training Facility Daily Activity Report

    Daily entries of activities at the Firearms Training Facilitiy/ Range.

  3. Instructor Out of County Student Info

    For Instructors on the OCSO Recommended Instructor List to Forward Records of Students who will submit certificates out of Orange... More…

  1. Civil Process Information Form
  2. Handgun Safety Class Notification

    For Instructors on the O.C.S.O. Recommended Instructor List

  3. Safe Child Event Request

    Request a 3 Hour Block for a Safe Child Event at your location. You MUST have a power source for the Sheriff's Office to power the... More…