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Orange County DA CrimeStoppers Tip Submission

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  2. In Case of an Emergency, DIAL 911

    This form might not be instantly received by law enforcement. Any emergencies must be called in through the 911 system.

  3. Exact Address of where this is Occurring

    Please enter as much information as possible

  4. Any Known phone numbers

  5. Please provide detailed information such as Height, Weight, Race, Sex, Tattoo's and any other information which would assist law enforcement identify and investigate your report

  6. Please provide full and descriptive details of what you want to report. Our Investigators will use this information to properly investigate and / or contact the appropriate Law Enforcement authorities. Note : drag the lower right hand corner to make this box larger.

  7. Thank You for your tip and for helping to make our communities safer. David M. Hoovler, District Attorney of Orange County

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