Animal Abuser Registries

  1. Albany
  2. Rockland

Contract Services Request for Qualifications

  1. Workers Compensation and Disability Benefits Exemption Form

Contractor Resources - Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

  1. New York State Unified Certification Program

Contractor Resources - Minority & Women’s Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE)

  1. New York State Minority and Women's Owned Business Enterprises Directory and Certification

Contractor Resources - New York State Industries for the Disabled

  1. Corporate Partnering Program

Contractor Resources - Prevailing Wage Schedules

  1. New York Department of Labor Prevailing Wage Schedule

Employment & Training - Public Assistance

  1. My Benefits

Health Department - Community Health Outreach - West Nile Virus

  1. CDC Information on the West Nile Virus
  2. Mosquitoes and Disease - New York State Department of Health

Health Department - Health Professionals Corner

  1. Public Health Alerts

Health Department - Health Professionals Corner - Current Health Concerns

  1. NYSDOH Advisory - Influenza Surveillance and Reporting Requirements 2018-2019 (PDF)
  2. New! 10.29.18 NYSDOH Health Advisory: Enterovirus D68 (PDF)
  3. New! 10.22.18 NYSDOH Health Advisory: Measles Exposures in New York State (PDF)
  5. New York State Department of Health Advisory - Updated Recommendations for Use of MenB FHbp Serogroup B Meningococcal Vaccine (Trumenba) (PDF)
  6. New York State Department of Health Advisory - Powassan Virus (PDF)
  7. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Testing and Reporting of Mosquito and Tick-Borne Illnesses (PDF)
  8. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Updated Guidance for Assessment of Poliovirus Vaccination Status (PDF)
  9. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Measles Exposures in New York State May 11th and 12th (PDF)
  10. New York State Department of Health Advisory - Increase in Hepatitis C Among Women of Child Bearing Age (PDF)
  11. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) (PDF)
  12. National Influenza Vaccination Week Materials for Healthcare Providers (PDF)
  13. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Revised Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Schedule (PDF)
  14. Nysdoh Advisory - Investigations of Burkholderia Cepacia Infections Updated Recommendation (PDF)
  15. New York State Department of Health Advisory - Mumps Outbreak in Nassau County (PDF)
  16. CDC Health Advisory: Increases in Fentanyl Drug Confiscations and Fentanyl-Related Overdose Fatalities
  17. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Regulation for the Protection Against Legionella (PDF)
  18. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Global Emergence of Infections Caused by the Multidrug-Resistant Yeast Candida auris (PDF)
  19. CDC Diagnosis and Management of Tickborne Rickettsial Diseases 2016 (PDF)
  20. NYSDOH Health Advisory - NYSDOH Commissioner Declares Influenza Prevalent in the State (PDF)
  21. CDC Health Advisory Flu Season Begins: Severe Influenza Illness Reported
  22. CDC Health Advisory Urges Providers and Facilities to Assess and Improve Infection Control Practices to Stop Hepatitis C Virus Transmission in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis
  23. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Update on Ebola Virus Disease (PDF)
  24. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Updated Guidance for Ebola Commissioners Orders (PDF)
  25. New York State Department of Health Advisory - Recent Hepatitis A Activity in Western New York State (PDF)
  26. New York State Department of Health - Update on Ciprofloxacin and Azirthromycin Nonsusceptible Shigellosis (PDF)
  27. New York State Department of Health Influenza Surveillance and Reporting Requirements, 2015-2016 (PDF)
  28. New! 12.14.17: NYSDOH Health Advisory: NYSDOH Commissioner Declares Influenza Prevalent in NYS

Health Department - Health Professionals Corner - Zika Guidance

  1. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Zika Virus Testing at Birth (PDF)
  2. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Zika Update - Travel Guidance and Testing Related to Travel to Miami-Dade Florida (PDF)
  3. NYSDOH Health Advisory - Zika Testing and Travel Guidance for Pregnant Women (PDF)
  4. Orange County Department of Health Public Health Alert #3 - Zika Virus Update (PDF)
  5. CDC Health Advisory - Guidance for Travel and Testing of Pregnant Women and Women of Reproductive Age for Zika (PDF)
  6. NYSDOH Updated Health Advisory on Zika Virus (PDF)
  7. CDC Link to Updated Zika Clinical Guidance Documents
  8. CDC Interim Guidance for Zika Virus Testing of Urine
  9. Zika Virus Testing Protocol Reminder (PDF)
  10. Testing Algorithm for Pregnant Women with Travel to a Country with Zika Transmission (PDF)
  11. CDC COCA Call on Updated Clinical Guidance for Reproductive Age Women and Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus
  12. CDC Interim Guidance for Health Care Providers Caring for Women of Reproductive Age with Possible Zika Virus Exposure (PDF)
  13. CDC Updated Interim Guidance for the Prevention of Zika Virus Sexual Transmission (PDF)
  14. CDC Health Advisory - Updated Interim Guidance to Prevent Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus (PDF)
  15. CDC Interim Guidelines for Health Care Providers Caring for Infants and Children with Possible Zika Virus Infection (PDF)
  16. Health Advisory Commissioners Webinar on Zika Virus Summary Details (PDF)
  17. CDC Interim Guidelines for the Evaluation and Testing of Infants with Possible Congenital Zika Virus Infection (PDF)
  18. Interim Guidance for Pregnant Women During a Zika Virus Outbreak (PDF)
  19. NYSDOH and CDC Health and Travel Advisories - Zika Virus (PDF)
  20. Orange County Department of Health Public Health Alert - Zika Virus (PDF)

Health Department - HPV Vaccination - Cancer Prevention Resources

  1. Video PSA: Vaccinate your 11 or 12 year old to Prevent Cancer
  2. Video PSA: HPV Causing Cancer

Health Department - Public Health Alerts

  1. CDC Travel Health Notices

Health Department - Seasonal Flu Vaccination Information

  1. State Health Department
  2. Federal CDC Flu Information

Historian - Educators - County Histories Out of Copyright

  1. Headley
  2. Ruttenber and Clark

Historian - Educators - Scholarships Relating to History

  1. Daughters of the American Revolution
  2. SUNY Orange: Scholarships - Graduating Students

Historian - Genealogy - Orange County Wills & Administrations

  1. Surrogate's Court, 9th District - Orange County
  2. Orange County Probate Records

Licenses For Electricians

  1. Prometric Testing Information

Non-Motorized Transportation Planning Map

  1. Trails and Protected Open Space Map (PDF)

Parks & Recreation

  1. About Us
  2. Parks & Facilities
  3. Golf

Planning - Aging / Seniors Grants

  1. Dementia, Aging - Brookdale Foundation
  2. Older Americans

Planning - Education/Children Grants

  1. Binocular Grants - Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  2. Children- Child Welfare Foundation
  3. Children- Stewart’s Shops
  4. Creative Education - Ezra Jack Keats Foundation
  5. Digital Education - Spectrum
  6. Early Childhood - Caplan Foundation
  7. Field Trips to HV Sites - Teaching the Hudson Valley
  8. Field Trip Grants - Target
  9. Bollinger Foundation
  10. Grants for Transportation for Schools to Go to State Parks/Sites - NYS OPRHP
  11. Literacy - Dollar General
  12. Lowes Toolbox for Education
  13. Math Teacher Grants - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  14. Public Education - The NEA Foundation
  15. Public School Library Disaster Relief - American Library Association/Dollar General
  16. Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards
  17. School Gardens - Annie's
  18. School Gardens - BirdSleuth Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  19. School Gardens - Kids Gardening
  20. School Gardens, Salad Bars, and Honey Bee Hives - Whole Kids Foundation
  21. School Nutrition - Fuel to Play
  22. School Supplies - Minecraft
  23. STEM Research and Education (not pre-college)
  24. Teacher Gift Cards for Arts and Crafts to teach STEM, Social Studies - AC Moore
  25. Teacher of the Year Award - VFW
  26. Teacher Supply Boxes - Kids in Need Foundation
  27. Teaching English as a Second Language - TESOL
  28. Tech Focused Lesson Plan Award - The Beacon
  29. Teen Technology- Best Buy
  30. Training for 18-25 Year Olds to Restore Antique Vehicles - RPM Foundation
  31. Urban School Gardens - The Nature Conservancy
  32. Women and Girls Leadership - Eileen Fisher
  33. Youth STEM Education - Honda
  34. Youth Volunteerism - Prudential

Planning - LGBT Grants

  1. LGBT Social Justice - Arcus Foundation

Retired & Senior Volunteers Program (RSVP)

  1. Senior Corps
  2. Volunteer Match

Rights of Non-motorized Transportation

  1. Capital Coexist