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124 Main Street
Goshen, NY 10924



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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sorensen, AICP, Alan J. Planning Commissioner 845-615-3840  
Butler, Stacy Deputy Commissioner 845-615-3844  
Bennett, AICP, Lauren Senior Planner 845-615-3856  
Christensen, Carrie Planning Assistant 845-615-3866  
Cruz, Eenika Orange County Water Authority 845-615-3868  
Dobrzynski, Jody Director of Grants 845-291-2508  
Eckman, Martha Senior Planner 845-615-3857  
Laraia, Regina Grants Coordinator 845-291-2795  
MacLeod, AICP, Jennifer Planner 845-615-3854  
Parrington, Rob Senior Planner 845-615-3852  
Ridgeway, Jessica Senior Planner 845-615-3853  
Riley, Kathleen Account Clerk 845-615-3841  
Russell, Ellen Executive Assistant 845-615-3843  
Schmidt, Kate Planner 845-615-3858  
Tawil, Raina Planner 845-615-3899  
Tennermann, AICP, Megan Senior Planner 845-615-3855  
Varughese, AICP, Obed Planner 845-615-3859  
Vazquez, Jasmine Planning Assistant 845-615-3851